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Stylish beaded jewelries

Some of you might be wondering how to make your own stylish beaded jewelries. You might think it’s difficult to do and a bit tricky. But believe me, it’s quite easy even if you’re just a beginner or a complete novice in beading. You just have to follow some few steps and guides in doing so.

First, you’ll be needing a bead pattern. It will be the template that you would follow in making your jewelry and putting the right beads into place. If you don’t have one, then make use of your research skills. Thousands of free designs could you find with just a few clicks. Well, there are also premium bead designs if you want to buy but it’s best to try out the free ones first. If you want to be more creative, then make your own bead patterns. How? Use a graphing paper and color each grid with the right colors that would correspond to your desired pattern. But that would be time consuming, just use a beading software. It could simplify all the things you want for your own design. It’s a tool that allows you to illustrate your design into a computer. The easy functions allows you to put the right beads into place. It also allows you to convert any image or portrait into a bead pattern automatically.

Then when you have the design, it’s time you gather all the other materials needed. The most important ones are the beads. Estimate the number of beads based on your design and the appropriate colors for each placement. You’ll be needing clasps, pliers and of course a threading tool which could be a flexible wire or simply a nylon.

After having all the materials, then go start placing the right beads into place, follow carefully your design and make sure the right placement are followed or you’ll mess up the design and start over. In this part, patience and coordination is the key to complete the jewelry. Then when you’re done, grab your pliers, close the loop with a clasp and then you’re done. Reference